Chocolate Banana Non-Dairy Ice Cream Recipe

Emily has always been adventurous in the kitchen ever since she found out she needs to stay away from dairy and a slew of other common ingredients found in foods. Since she loves ice cream and cannot live without it, she began to research homemade non-dairy ice cream recipes and finally put together a recipe that she likes. Store-bought non-dairy ice cream just doesn't do it for her. This recipe is full of real ingredients -nothing strange and it won't hurt her stomach! 

What You Need:

Either a food processor or a really strong blender (I highly recommend a food processor). Here's one from Target works great!


3 very ripe bananas (slice them then put them in a ziploc bag in the freezer)
1 T of peanut butter 
1-2 T of cacao powder 
1/2 t of cinnamon
Honey (optional) depending on if you want to add sweetness
Sugar or waffle cones (optional)


Place frozen banana slices in a food processor and grind them up
Add the rest of the ingredients and process for about 1-2 minutes or until you get the consistency you want
Place the 'ice cream' in a tub in the freezer to let it set up
Serve in a bowl or on a sugar/waffle cone!

Notes: Since this mixture does not have the same consistency as real ice cream, you might have to pop it in the microwave to soften it before you serve because it will be quite hard after being in the freezer.