Summer Wedding

Elizabeth and I attended a gorgeous wedding this weekend so we wanted to show you guys what we wore. We both went with midi length dresses for a flowy boho feel. The wedding was in the afternoon and the reception was in the evening so we went with black dresses. Black dresses don't necessarily have to be boring. There are so many cuts and styles out here that can make them fun and interesting. Elizabeth went with a printed dress and I'll let you in on a little secret - it's a maternity dress! There have been so many times when we were strolling through Target and have found really cute dresses in the maternity section, but they weren't available in the regular women's section! She got the smallest size and it worked out perfectly! I found mine at Target as well. Lately I've been wearing so many short dresses so I wanted to switch things up. This dress actually came with a thin wrap belt, but when I purchased for the dress and brought it home, the belt was nowhere to be found! So I just wore it without and I think it was really fun and flowy for a July wedding. And of course, we went with our trusty Zara heels because they literally go with everything!