Legends Outlets Back To School Outfits

Elizabeth and I did a segment yesterday at Fox 4 Kansas City featuring back-to-school looks from Legends Outlets. They have so many awesome pieces for heading back to school in style at amazing prices! They also have a lot of giftcard giveaways going on that you can find at www.legendsshopping.com! Check out our video and outfit breakdowns below. 

Elementary School

Shirt - J.Crew Factory 
Sweatshirt - J.Crew Factory
Pants - J.Crew Factory
Shoes – Converse

Shirt – J.Crew Factory
Sweater – J.Crew Factory
Skirt – J.Crew Factory
Backpack – Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH
Shoes – Old Navy

Middle School

Button Up Shirt –Polo Ralph Lauren Factory
T-Shirt –   Forever 21 Men’s 
Pants – Polo Ralph Lauren Factory
Shoes – Gap Factory

Hoodie – Old Navy
Shorts – J.Crew Factory 
Backpack – Forever 21
Shoes – Old Navy

Dress – J.Crew Factory
Scarf – Forever 21
Belt – Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH
Shoes – Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH

High School

Striped Tee – Old Navy
Long Sleeve – J.Crew Factory 
Jeans – J.Crew Factory 
Shoes - Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH

Jacket – Gap Factory
Tank – Gap Factory 
Jeans – Gap Factory 
Shoes – Gap Factory 
Bag – Forever 21 
Necklace – J.Crew Factory