New House!

As most of you already know, my husband and I bought our first house this summer and we've been working hard to make each room our own. While we haven't done any huge renovations (those will come later), we were still able to decorate a few of the rooms so they really reflect our style. I've been working hard on mainly getting the living room and dining room the way I want them. They aren't completely done (I just can't make a decision on curtains!) I really like the way they turned out so far. I wanted the rooms to incorporate midcentury style and have an eclectic vibe to them. I definitely wanted to keep everything budget friendly and splurge on a few pieces. These two green ottomans were a great craigslist find and they are in great shape! I wasn't sure about the color, but once I got them in the room, I really love the way it ties in with the plants and fig tree. I added some layers by throwing Ikea sheepkins over them. Our coffee table is rather neutral and we've had it for a few years so I thought that should stay. We originally had a Rugs USA rug on the floor, but the size just wan't big enough so I opted to splurge on something very similar - an 8x10 Souk Wool Rug from West Elm - I'm obsessed! 

Now let's talk about this bison painting....So I came across this amazing painting on West Elm and I realized I wanted it to be the inspiration for the entire room. This was our first big purchase for the living room. I found the artist - Kelsey M. Designs, on Etsy and asked her if she could make me a large version of the one she painted for West Elm. I just think this is the coolest painting ever! If you're looking for amazing art, check out Kelsey M. Designs' Etsy shop!

Yes, those are large photos of our dogs above the fireplace. My husband and I have always wanted to do this and we finally got around to it. We actually took the photos of them in the living room. Waffles and Betty look so cute!!

The dining room is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I found this vintage rug and farmhouse table on craigslist on the same day and had to have them! Those two pieces were the foundation to the room and I chose everything else based on their colors and style. The chairs were a craigslist find as well, but they did not look like that! More on the before and after below! I chose a light blue color in the rug and searched for fabric that matched, then I half-reupholstered them (more on that below). The light fixture was a West Bottoms find and it's just perfect! I'm still debating on what to do as far as curtains. Navy or dark blue maybe? Any suggestions would be appreciated! More art is needed so I'm currently on the hunt for that. 

We kept Jordan's bar in the dining room and hung up our wedding reception sign above it. I love the contrast in the dark woods against the white wall. There are still a few things that need to be done, but overall I really like the way it turned out. 

Now for the dining room chairs... Below is what they used to look like. My husband and I spray painted the frames to be more of an antique gold to match the light fixture. Then we bought fabric and reupholstered the bottoms. We weren't sure we could do the tops since they weren't already upholstered so I hired Overland Park Upholstery to do those for $45/chair. I'm so glad we did because the backs turned out way better than we could have ever done! 

And here is the final product!! I love these chairs! They are the perfect shade of blue that brightens up the space.