I take my coffee very seriously. It's just something I can't live without. Who's with me? The first thing I do in the morning is walk downstairs and pour my coffee. My husband and I are longtime fans of The Roasterie coffee not only because it's local, but it's also really really good! Their air-roasted coffee is in many local grocery stores, restaurants and cafes so I'm sure you've come across it at some point if you're in KC. They recently announced that their coffee is now available in 40 Target stores in the region - how exciting! This is great news because I'm an avid Target shopper. The Roasterie was kind enough to send us samples to try (even though we already know how amazing it is)! Here are the blends you can find at Target: Kansas City Blend (my personal fave!), Betty's Recipe, Costa Rica Don Quijote, Columbia Pitalito Estates, Brazil Fazenda Laqoa Estates and Breakfast Blend. So now if you're browsing through Target, which we all find ourselves doing, you can pick up some delicious local coffee from a brand that is proud to call KC home!