Happy 2019! Athleisure Worn Beyond the Gym!

Welcome to 2019! Not sure about you guys, but we love starting a new year off with a bang! When we were thinking about what to post on the first day of 2019 we decided to talk about something we love; Athleisure! It’s probably our favorite thing to wear, and in the last few years brands have really upped their game in the athletic wear department. Not only pieces to actually work out in, but also pieces you can wear day to day. You’ll most likely find us in althleisure on a daily basis! So many cute options out there right now. We also wanted to start the year off with a great workout, so an athleisure post seemed appropriate. How do you guys start out a new year?! Take a look at some of our favorite pieces we picked out for you!

Since we’re on the topic of working out, here are our favorite workouts we’ve been loving lately.

Elizabeth: I do Yoga two to three times per week and do strength classes twice per week!

Emily: I go to a studio that mixed yoga with barre and I’ve been doing that two-three times a week, then I try to mix in a 2 mile run once a week. My goal this year is to workout 4-5 days/week!


Elizabeth (left): Bra | Top | Leggings

Emily (right): Beanie | Hoodie | Leggings

Here are some added pieces that we are loving right now!