A Little Bit About Us


Hi there!

We thought we would re-introduce ourselves to any newbies that are visiting our blog! We are Emily and Elizabeth and we’ve had this thing for a while ... about 5 years of off and on blogging. We originally started our blog as a creative outlet to talk about fashion because it's always been something that we can relate to, that gets us excited, and that we can work on together.

A little bit about our backgrounds. We both went to Kansas State University, Elizabeth with a degree in apparel marketing and I have a degree in public relations. We went our separate ways after college. Elizabeth decided she wanted to pursue a master’s in social work (I know this sounds really random, but there is some sense to it that can be explained in another post ;), and I went on to graduate school for journalism at DePaul University in Chicago (where I later realized it wasn't for me and dropped out #gradschooldropout). This was the first time in our lives that we lived apart, so naturally, Elizabeth racked up her frequent flyer miles real quick with bi-monthly trips to Chicago.

We found ourselves back in the same city after graduate school which is when we really started to seriously work on our blog. We also got a gig writing a fashion column for the Lawrence Journal-World. I began working for PacSun as the e-commerce women’s copywriter as well as styling for them. Elizabeth began her social work career working in the mental health field all while having our blog on the side.

Fast forward a few years and we decided to take an idea that we had brewing for a while and bring it to life. We started an apparel company, localE. Our first "line" was fun sequin apparel that embraced all things local, mainly Kansas City and sporting events. After a year of that we wanted to do more with this brand and evolve our product line. So we decided to create an Everyday Line of 7 pieces ranging from tanks to dresses to tees. We also wanted something a little more subtle than our sequins; sequins aren’t for everyone. The idea behind our line was to still be able to wear our pieces to sporting events, but also wear them any other day! It was important for us to figure out how to get these sewn in our city. After a lot of trial and error, we're proud to say that our Everyday Line is sewn by women here in Kansas City from the comfort of their own home. No factories, no sketchiness because we quickly learned that the fashion industry can be full of that. We know how they’re sewn and we know how much they’re being paid to sew them. Considering Elizabeth and I never went to fashion school, this process took about two years of research, challenges, failures, disappointments, but eventually we got it done and it was a success!

It's kind of crazy to see this line in person considering at one point we thought it would never get done. Stay tuned for a whole post on our journey to get this line made!

We'd love to hear from you guys about what you'd like to see from us on this blog, whether it's business, personal or just fashion! Let us know in the comments!