Our Birthday + 31 Random Facts About Us


Today is our 31st birthday so we thought we'd list 31 random facts about ourselves! Enjoy!

1. We were born and raised in Topeka, KS. 

2. We are identical twins, Eliz is 15 minutes older (and wiser - or so she thinks).

3. We both love fashion (that’s an obvious one).

4. I'm married, Eliz is not.

5. I have two dogs (Betty & Waffles) Eliz has one dog, Walter. 

6. We are passionate about dog rescues and are animal advocates!

7. Eliz works full-time as a social worker. 

8. I have worked for fashion brands like Abercrombie & PacSun as a women’s copywriter and stylist.

9. We own an apparel company, localE. 

10. Sports played a big part in our childhood and through high school. Swimming was our jam. 

11. We love to work out! Exercise is good for the soul!

12. Our personalities are COMPLETELY opposite!

13. Eliz loves buffalo wings, I like Cauliflower wings

14. We both get our hair highlighted and are still unsure of our natural color.

15. I lived in Chicago after college. 

16. We both attended Kansas State University and lived together (and did not kill each other although came close a few times).

17. We love the beach. 

18. We have two older sisters. 

19. Our parents are entrepreneurs.

20. We love storms.

21. Our favorite holiday is July 4th!

22. I stick to a strict diet due to health issues, think Paleo + Whole 30 except no eggs. 

23. Eliz’s fave season is summer, mine is fall. 

24. We love to travel.

25. Coffee every morning is a must! 

26...and we need our sleep!

27. I like fruits, Eliz likes veggies. 

28. I define my style as classic & feminine, Eliz loves boho/vintage vibes. 

29. For the longest time we both drove the same make/model of car.

30. When we learned how to drive I refused, so Elizabeth was my chauffeur.

31. I have a sweet tooth (non-dairy ice cream).