A Guy's Guide To Preppy vs. Hipster

Fine lines exist. However, when it comes to preppy clothes vs. hipster fashion, there is a noticeable gap. For those who think you can only be one or the other, times are changing. Guy's fashion is simple. In fact, so simple that most guys wear pretty much the same thing (or something very similar) every day. It's so easy to change up your style with a simple color, pattern or cut. We are both fans of preppy and hipster fashion so we don't sway either way. But with these men’s fashion tips and some creativity, anybody can pull off either of the looks below! FCT - 014

Pulling Off Preppy Think solid, conservative colors and clean lines.  A long sleeved oxford is a classic look.  For warmer weather, roll up the sleeves and make yourself comfortable.  If you’re not a fan of long sleeves in the summer, go with a classic polo. Pair with some lightweight linen or cotton shorts.  Tuck or no tuck, its your choice, but if you decide to tuck then accessorize with a brown leather belt.  Slip on some Sperry’s and accessorize with a leather strap watch. We told you this was easy!

Where to shop: J. Crew Gap Banana Republic Old Navy Dillard's

FCT - 023

Pulling Off Hipster Hipster fashion allows you to be more creative.  Don’t think.  Just wear.  For the summer, go with a tank top.  Look for plenty of colors and patterns.  Pair with some cutoff jean shorts, aka jorts.  Yes, these are acceptable and we love them!  However, if you can’t break the mold, pair with slim fit chinos and roll up the bottom for a worn-in look.  Lose the socks and throw on some slip-ons, chucks or sandals!

Where to shop: Urban Outfitters H&M Zara Baldwin

FCT - 018

Both styles are workable and easy to achieve so don’t be afraid to change up your style every once in a while!

Jordan's Outfit Shirt//Old Navy Shorts//Old Navy Shoes//Sperry

Nick's Outfit Tank//H&M (SIMILAR) Shorts//H&M (SIMILAR) Sandals//Pacsun

Photos by Jerry Wang Photography