Bar Styling

If there's one thing I've learned after living with my husband for a few years, it's that guys are serious about their bars. They have to be fully stocked with the essentials at all times. Elizabeth and I got our hands on Jordan's bar and styled it our way, but don't worry, we resisted adding pink roses or any girly touches. Although I would love to add feminine style to every inch of our apartment, I knew I had to compromise on the bar area. I always like to have fresh flowers on hand to set in random places of the apartment. I've never been great at decorating, but I read my fair share of home decor blogs and know that bringing a piece of nature inside can easily add something special to a space. I thought something green would be manly enough to set on the bar to warm it up a bit. We kept it simple because we don't like clutter; only the necessities like great local beer, liquor and some citrus. I think setting oranges, limes or lemons make the area feel more like home even if you're not necessarily using them. Oh, and we can't forget about Jordan' outfit. You guessed it! Elizabeth and I styled him as well. Since we were serving his favorite Boulevard beer, Tank 7, we thought we'd keep it local with a Charlie Hustle t-shirt. We layered a cardigan over the t-shirt, and put him in skinny jeans with a basic beanie. It's the perfect casual look to have a few friends over and show off your bartending skills - am I right?


bar3 Beanie//PacSun Cardigan//Gap T-Shirt//Charlie Hustle Jeans//Gap