How to Belt Your Outerwear

Lately we've been drawn to the "belt your outerwear" trend even though it's been around for the past few seasons. We love the chic and put-together look it adds to your outfit. I feel like we don't use belts as much as we should. As fashion bloggers, it's easy to fall into the trap of feeling obligated to try every single trend even though it doesn't fit in with your true style. Every time I wear a belt, it's a bit uncomfortable and I hate how it moves around so I'm constantly fiddling with it throughout the day. But for some reason, lately I've been wanting to try belts again. Maybe because I found this totally cute bow belt at Target the other day and, well, it lured me in. When we're talking about thickness, we like thin-to-medium belts when we belt our outerwear to really define the waistline. Both of these coats already had their own belts, but we swopped them out and added these cool vintage belts. Vintage belts are pretty much the best thing ever. They just don't make belts like they used to! By the way, we are selling these vintage beauties in our Poshmark closet so check us out on there if you're interested in snatching them up! You can find us on Poshmark @emilykennedy. We're also parting ways with our shades we're wearing so you'll find those in our closet as well. I love the heavy leather and gold metal hardware. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you belt your outerwear.

Belt At The Waistline

You want to make sure you're belting right at your natural waistline - not above or below. This will define your waistline and make your outfit look balanced. Anywhere above or below the waistline will throw off the proportions.

Choose The Right Color And Thickness

When you're searching for the perfect belt, take into the consideration the shape and color of your coat or jacket. Both of us were wearing bulky wool coats so we chose a medium-sized thickness. We didn't want it to be too thin because the coat would overshadow it, and a really thick belt would clash with the shape. I went with an all-black look while Elizabeth chose to create a contrast. Choose a belt either in the same color family of your coat for a monochromatic look, or something in the opposite color family to really make a statement.

Belt It Tight

Earlier I talked about belting it at the waistline, but I didn't mention to belt it tight. Make sure you choose a belt that you can wear fitted to cinch in that waistline. A belt that's loose will make you appear larger than you actually are so find one that you can wear as fitted as possible. I've been known to make a few extra holes if a belt is too big on me so that's always an option!



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