By Boe x Forever 21

We have been huge fans of By Boe jewelry for the last few years when we first discovered the brand. Every piece is handmade in New York City with sterling silver and 14K gold filled. A quick sad story - I used to have a By Boe gold bow ring and accidentally left it in a bathroom, and of course, someone stole it! (Now I never take my rings off to wash my hands!) So when we saw that Forever 21 is now selling the brand, I was totally excited! By Boe is so simple and chic. The jewelry can be worn with dressy looks or something more casual. It's the type of jewelry that you keep forever because it's so classic and will always be in style no matter what. We also love the affordable prices - that means we can buy several pieces without feeling guilty! Our personal fave is #1 - the Reminder Bow ring. It's so cute and something that we would wear every single day. It's 14K gold filled so it won't turn your finger green - score! Not only can you get these pieces for yourself, but you can also snatch these up to give as a gift!
By Boe



Main Photo by Martina Yach