Designer Dog

With all of this talk during the holiday season about what to wear here, and what to wear there, we thought we'd give some love to the dogs out there! We're huge dog lovers and take our pet fashion very seriously- especially Emily. Her chihuahua, Waffles, is always looking dapper! She's always looking for something cute for Waffles. We've rounded up some of our favorite and most stylish dog clothes and accessories for your pet this holiday season. Some people might think that buying clothes for you dog is crazy, but they get cold too in the winter! Emily bundles up Waffles in his heavy winter coat every time he goes outside because he really does need it. He's a short-haired little thing that needs to be covered in this cold. These options are really durable, high-quality pieces that will last a long time so don't let some of the prices scare you because you'll probably use them every winter for years to come.  

Dog Fashion


Main Photo by  Giuseppe De Francesco