Etsy Jewelry

When I was planning my


last year, I found myself on


quite often searching for everything from invitations to decorations. I also realized that it's really a hub for trendy jewelry. I love that all Etsy jewelry is handmade (or vintage) and totally unique. It honestly never occurred to me to buy jewelry on Etsy, but if you're not, you're seriously missing out. Elizabeth and I decided to do a post on some of our favorite Etsy pieces we've found. Both of us are really into the dainty and gold styles, but I also love big stone pieces. Shout out to our friend


for launching a jewelry line with her sister called

Leigh and Marie

. They had their launch party last week at

Parlor KC


but unfortunately we couldn't make it! They have some amazing and unique pieces. We especially love #2 - their Kansas Charm Necklace.

I think #1 is a really cool everyday piece that can be worn by itself or with other stacked bangles/bracelets. Let us know which pieces are your faves in the comments below!

P.S. a lot of these bracelets and necklaces can be layered so check out our latest


video on 

how to layer your jewelry

for a few tips!

Etsy Jewelry