Easy Ways To Style Fall Family Photos

Family photos can be really stressful when you’re not sure what to wear. Here are some easy steps to follow when you’re getting your family ready for photos this fall.

I always start with one piece that is sort of the “focal point” of the photo so I found this really cute midi dress for Mom. It’s the perfect fall piece and it has fall tones like orange and browns in it which would look great with fall foliage. Then I chose khaki slim pants for Dad because it pairs really well with Mom’s dress without being too matchy matchy. A dark green button-up is another great color that pairs well with browns/oranges from Mom’s dress, again, without trying to match perfectly. Neutral shoes for both in the brown/tan color family will tie it all together.

Now for the kids, I went with a cream color because I didn’t want them in any kind of a busy pattern that could clash with Mom’s dress. Khaki pants just like Dad for the little guy, and neutral brown/tan shoes for both kids.

As you can see, I chose only one pattern and then solids for the rest of the family. I could have put the little girl in a patterned dress, but I couldn’t find one with a pattern that wouldn’t clash with Mom’s dress so I went the safe route and chose a solid cream sweater dress. See how easy that is? My last piece of advice: It doesn’t need to be complicated! Keep it simple!

Family Photo.jpg

Mom Outfit:
Dress | Boots

Dad Outfit:
Shirt | Pants | Boots

Girl Outfit:
Dress | Boots

Boy Outfit:
Sweater | Pants | Boots