Graduation Season

Our oldest sister, Leslee, recently graduated with her master's degree and we got all dressed up to celebrate! Graduation season always kicks off the gorgeous spring weather, and it's a great excuse to throw on your new spring dresses. It was a tad chilly that day so our light jackets came in handy. I'm wearing a repeat of Elizabeth's J. Crew dress with a chunky chain necklace in a similar shade. This is kind of my new thing; being all matchy-matchy without matching perfectly. Elizabeth busted our her fabulous floral heels again, which I'm totally obsessed with. They just scream spring and summer and they pair well with solid dresses.Fashion Column Twins/ Graduation/ J Crew dress/ H&M/Urban Outfitters

Fashion Column Twins/ H&M/ J Crew/ Summer Dresses

Fashion Column Twins/Graduation dresses/ H&M/ J Crew/ Urban Outfitters

Fashion Column Twins/ H&M/ J Crew/ Graduation dresses


Emily (left) J. Crew factory dress via Legends Outlets Tj Maxx trench coat Pink Suitcase necklace Tj Maxx wedges

Elizabeth (right) Urban Outfitters dress H&M jacket Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse via Legends Outlets

P.S. Sorry for the lack of posts lately! If you guys haven't check it out yet, we've been doing a lot of fun fashion segments featuring the Legends Outlets. Stay tuned for more and check them out here!