Men's Joggers

Men's joggers (and women's) are everywhere so we decided to style Jordan in his new J. Crew Factory joggers that Emily got him for Christmas. He needed some casual pants to just lounge around in, or quickly take our their dog. These fleece joggers are a staple in any man's closet. They are really comfortable with their soft fabric and drawstring waistband. Joggers are basically the updated sweatpant with their trendy skinny style. We styled Jordan in his high top Chuck Taylor's and a casual hooded shirt. This is a great weekend look if you're running errands or even going out for breakfast. Thanks to this heat wave, he didn't have to layer with a jacket. You could also throw on a fleece or crew hoodie with these joggers. If your guy doesn't have chucks, have him throw on some slip-on shoes. The great things about the joggers is that they are really versatile and will pair well with a a lot of different pieces. you don't have to have specific pieces to pair with them. Anything laidback and casual will do!Joggers1


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