One Size Fits All Fox 4 TV Segment

Last Friday we were at Fox 4 Kansas City talking about how to wear the "one size fits all" trend. We had three models of all different body shapes wearing the same OSFA piece. This was a fun one because not only was it a little different than our normal trend segments, but if you follow us on instagram, you know we also ran into some celebs while we were there. More on that later! The OSFA phenomenon has its critics - if you haven't read this Buzzfeed article, you should for a good laugh. I think a lot of people run and hide when they hear one size fits all. We picked a flowy dress because it's easy to style on different body types, and you can improvise thanks to its oversized fit and extra fabric. Like we said in the segment, we would steer clear of cropped/fitted tops and any bottoms for the sheer fact that they're less likely to perfectly fit every body type. How do you guys feel about the OSFA trend?

Below are a few behind the scenes shots we took on Elizabeth's phone. As I mentioned earlier, we ran into a few big names before and after our segment. We first walked into the green room and were greeted by a slender, middle-aged man. I honestly had no idea who he was. In fact, after gathering that he was a comedian, I asked if he was a local comedian. Side note: I wouldn't recommend doing that. Finally after I heard his name, Michael McDonald (not pictured), I was still drawing a blank. So I quickly googled him and saw he is a pretty well-known comedian who was in a good amount of movies and TV shows. Later I found out from my husband that he was "the wig guy" in Seinfeld. Who knew?



After we finished our segment, Loren from Fox 4 transitioned from our segment to what was up next, and all I heard was "Walking Dead star." I am a HUGE Walking Dead fan so I eagerly asked who was here from The Walking Dead. Then Michael Rooker aka Merle aka Daryl's brother walked in and I was seriously starstruck! I just had to get a fan girl pic! He is the nicest guy and we even talked about what was going on this season - so cool!

Featured image via Brandy Melville