How To Tie Scarves on KCTV5 Better KC

If you missed our KCTV5 fashion segments yesterday, check out the videos below! We had a great time on the Better Kansas City morning show! We did two segments talking about scarves. The first, Emily showed five ways to tie scarves while your truly modeled ;) We wanted to show a variety of ways to tie scarves but also keep it simple and easy. The second segment was about alternative ways to wear scarves; on your bag, in your hair, over the shoulders as a shawl/cardigan, and even belted for a chic outerwear look. Blogging has given us so many opportunities and doing TV fashion segments is one of them. I remember our first segment we did, which was actually on KCTV5 a few years ago. Words can't begin to describe how nervous we were. But honestly, as bloggers, just tryin' to make it, we knew we couldn't turn it down. We are both fairly quiet and shy by nature so the thought of going on TV freaked us out! However, as many of you know, fear paralyzes. Emily and I both attest to the fact that the first couple segments were rough. By rough, I mean sweating profusely, hands shaking, not remembering or hearing what actually came out of our mouths and saying "super cute" and "like" a lot (thanks, mom- always looking out!). Yeah, it was bad. However, we pushed forward and now are doing monthly TV segments. We actually love doing them now; they're fun! It's funny how things change and you grow over time. Something that made our stomachs sink a few years ago doesn't even faze us anymore. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our love of fashion through these segments and look forward to doing more!

Check out the first video here, and the second here!