Who's ready for a little twinography? We tend to stick with everything fashion-related on here, but today we're shaking things up and getting personal! We might look alike and sound alike, but we are two completely different individuals (hard to believe, I know). We grew up participating in the same activities, we were in the same classes, had the same friends, and we even shared the same car through college - brutal! Everything was the same, but as we get older, the differences in our lives are becoming more visible so we thought this would be a fun way to show you all how different we really are.  We came up with random questions that each of us answered which clearly display our true differences. Enjoy! twins

Elizabeth's Response

Marital status: Single

College degree: Apparel Marketing, Business Administration

Day job: Social Worker

Favorite food: Buffalo wings.  Although, I'm currently on this whole foods kick.  I do splurge every once in a while on wings.  I'm an everything-in-moderation kind of girl.

Drink of choice: White wine or beer.  I love trying new local beers.  Other than that I mostly drink water throughout the day.

Coffee order: Skinny vanilla latte with half the vanilla.  I don't like them too sweet!

What is your workout routine: I'm currently training for a half marathon.  So, I'm running about four times per week.  I also work out at a crossfit gym 2-3 times per week in small group classes.

Describe your personality: I like to think I'm fun.  I'm a little shy until I get to know ya! I love meeting new people and like helping people.

Describe your style: I would describe my style as boho meets classic.  I love laid back style but always tend to gravitate toward classic pieces.

Style icon: The Olsen Twins. Their style is effortless.

Favorite piece in your closet: A good V-neck t-shirt and blazers.

Describe your perfect Saturday night: Drinks and a nice dinner! I love trying new restaurants.

Favorite music/musician: I like all kinds.  Pop, rock, oldies (60's & 70's), country.

Favorite TV show: Currently, Ray Donovan!!

fruit Emily's Response

Marital status: Married

College degree: Public Relations

Day job: Copywriter

Favorite food: Bananas

Drink of choice: Something green. I like to make sweet green smoothies with kale, spinach, bananas, rice milk, vanilla and cinnamon. If I'm on the go I'll pick up a bottled pressed juice.

Coffee order: Almond milk latte

What is your workout routine: I have been letting work get in the way of exercise lately, but I try to work out twice a week at the Underground Lab. I would rather eat healthy all the time and not workout even though I know you should do both.

Describe your personality: I have a very self-motivated and focused personality.

Describe your style: Casual and classic most of the time.

Style icon: Miroslava Duma

Favorite piece in your closet: Right now it's my American Eagle jeggings and my Michael Kors over the knee boots.

Describe your perfect Saturday night: On the couch with my husband and our chihuahua, Waffles, watching 48 hours or Dateline.

Favorite music/musician: I'm loving Ella Henderson right now.

Favorite TV show: That's a tough one. I would say Revenge and Helix.