Wardrobe Essentials For The Guys

A good set of essentials is a must when you’re building your wardrobe, even for the guys. You want pieces that will go with everything so you can mix and match to get the most out of everything. These are all surprisingly simple pieces so it’s not that difficult to create a good solid set of wardrobe essentials. In fact, you might already have them in your closet. Here are some of our favorite essentials that every guy should have. FCT Shoot 6 - 028

A patterned shirt is first on the wardrobe essential list for the guys. It's so versatile and can be styled with shorts, jeans, or with a suit. We styled this with a pair of colored shorts, which brings us to wardrobe essential #2. A pair of colored shorts, especially for summer, can easily elevate a simple casual summer look. A pair of Sperrys is #3 because they are the ultimate casual stylish shoe for guys. You can throw them on with shorts or jeans and it will effortlessly pull your look together. Don't forget to accessories with #4, a watch! A watch with a brown leather strap is a neutral color and perfect for any casual outfit.

FCT Shoot 6 - 027

Moving onto wardrobe essentials that you can easily dress up...

A gray blazer is essential. It pairs well with jeans, suits or when you’re feeling adventurous, even shorts. It’s great for dressing up jeans with a white button up shirt, belt and shoes. You can wear it with brown and black accessories so you’re not limited on pieces you can wear with it. A white shirt is next up on the list. Wear it tucked into shorts or jeans for a quick and easy polished look. We layered this white button up with a gray blazer, but you could do navy as well. Brown accessories like a belt and brown shoes will give you endless options to pair them with because of their neutral color. So do yourself a favor and stock up on them.

See how easy it is to build wardrobe essentials for the guys? The guys really do have it easy when building a stylish wardrobe :)


Jordan's Outfit Shirt//Old Navy Shorts//Old Navy (SIMILAR) Shoes//Sperry

Jerry's Outfit Blazer//H&M Shirt//Target Jeans//Levi's via JCPenney