My Wedding

I've finally gathered together my favorite moments from our wedding in October! Nicole's fab wedding recap prompted me to finally post mine. Long overdue, I know. I wanted to give you guys a peek at all of our vendors we used as well in case any of you Kansas City brides-to-be are reading. The wedding was October 25th 2014 in Kansas City, Missouri. The ceremony was held at St. John's United Methodist Church and the reception was at Californos. It was everything I had hoped for and thankfully everything went as planned! Thank you to our photographer, LemonLime Photography for capturing the day beautifully! I worked with our wedding planner, Madi, to come up with a design concept. I wanted it to look very natural with rustic elements. She has fabulous taste so I knew I would love anything she came up with - and I did! We had a signature cocktail called the "Strong Brewed Apple Cider" (my married name is Brewer, get it?) haha. We also wanted to tie in a fall theme with Louisburg Cider Mill's individually packaged apple cider donuts on the tables. I have to say that hiring a wedding planner was the best investment ever. The day of, we didn't have to worry about logistics or any little details - she took care of it all! We could truly relax and just enjoy the day.

Hotel: InterContinental Kansas City at the Plaza Reception venue: Californos Food/Cake: Californos Wedding Planner & Design: Madison Sanders Events (highly recommend!) Florist: Bloom47 (amazing!) Rentals: Ultrapom

Dress: Augustine by Intuzurri Shoes: Kate Spade Bow hair comb: J. Crew Bracelet: custom made by Lily Dawson Designs (I also gave all of my bridesmaids these earrings. I gave my MOH, Elizabeth, these earrings).

Hair: Jordan at Skyline (she's the best!) Make up: Nick at Skyline (he's the best!) On-site touch-ups: Debra at Skyline (life-saver!)

Groomsmen attire: Men's Wearhouse and socks from Sock 101

We had the best time, and Jordan and I are so fortunate to have supportive families who made this day possible. Thanks to his parents, Jeff and Jill, and my parents, Susie and Bill. We also want to thanks the wedding party for being there and making our day special! emilyJordan_wed_055 emilyJordan_wed_062 emilyJordan_wed_076 emilyJordan_wed_080 emilyJordan_wed_083 emilyJordan_wed_090 emilyJordan_wed_104 emilyJordan_wed_121 emilyJordan_wed_133 emilyJordan_wed_141Quick story behind the above photo: For those of you who don't know, Elizabeth and I have two older sisters, Leslee and Misty. We took the same photo about ten years ago at Misty's wedding and we wanted to recreate it for mine.

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